Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oprah's Child Predator Watch List

Profiles of the Accused

Monday, July 03, 2006

Indy Laws taking effect July 1st

The Indy government has passed several new laws that will help to combat sexual predators. One law allows the electronic tracking of violent sexual predators for the rest of their lives. Another law restricts convicted sex offenders from "...living within 1,000 feet of a school, park or youth center and from working or volunteering at those and other places that attract children..." [Indystar.com]

New subdivision bans sex offenders

A new subdivision in Kansas bans registered sex offenders from moving in. The developer said he "...got the idea for the subdivisions after he heard about a 9-year-old Florida girl, Jessica Lunsford, who was kidnapped, raped and killed -- allegedly by a registered sex offender". This is legal because the developer is not violating the Fair Housing Act. According to Community Development Executive Director Nancy Haney, "Sex offenders aren't considered one of the seven protected classes". Read the story here.

I think this is a very good idea and I would happily move into a neighborhood that does not allow sex offenders. However, that would not prohibit them from coming in from other areas in search of their next victim. I just hope this doesn't lull people into a false sense of security.

Online survey

Click here to take my Online Survey

This is to satisfy my own curiosity. According to the website, the identities of the respondents will not be tracked so feel free to answer openly and honestly.


I'm sure that many of you have seen at least one of the many X-Men movies and you understand the premise. The latest movie deals with the idea that scientists were able to create a cure for mutation and the conflict that surrounds the cure. That being said, if scientists were able to isolate a pedophile gene and create a cure, would you take it? Take the poll.

Brian Kastel's Solution

What do you think of BK's solution? Do you think it would work? As a pedophile, would you be willing to use the hotline if it was available to you? What if it wasn't anonymous?

I want to create a non-profit organization that will serve a two-pronged purpose, and one that is funded by entirely by charitable contributions. First, and most importantly, it must have a staffed hotline, 24/7. This hotline will serve a dual purpose, in itself. On the one hand, victims of sexual abuse can call at any time to talk to someone and get help to stop the abuse. On the other hand, sexual abusers can call at any time to talk to someone and get help to stop the abuse...

Read more here.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Starting Over

When I first started this blog I was very angry and I was very scared about the type of people that live in our world. I'm a new-ish mom and I want to do everything that I can to protect my children. I thought that if I read the pedo blogs that I could get an insider's view into the world of pedophilia and that I could take steps to keep my boys from coming into contact with them. In my mind, all pedo's were child molesters.

My first encounter was the blog of a man who's AOA (age of attraction) is infants/toddlers. Since my children fall within this age range I was horrified that someone could find them sexually attractive. I became "reactive" and my only defense was to attack. I was threatened by this man because he posted his fantasies on the internet for everyone to read. I was threatened by him because I do not understand him.

I have received many comments from pedophiles who wanted to share their views with me. They wanted to explain why their attraction to children was acceptable. Most of them said that they only had the children's best interest at heart. Every one of them said that they had never had a sexual relation with a child. Some of them went so far as to call me a pedophile because I have children. A few of them accused me of being jealous of younger girls.

Even after reading all of the pedo's comments, I still do not understand how a grown man/woman could find a child to be sexually attractive. I do not understand how they could lust after a child. I would go so far as to say it's my mother's instinct that all children should be nurtured and protected and that having sex with them does not nurture or protect them in anyway. Of course, I had several mothers leave comments trying to appeal to the "mother in me" and show me how pedophilia was acceptable.

What I did gather from continued reading was that there is a difference between a child lover and a child molester. However, seeing as how I am an Anti, I think the distinction is a very thin line and that given the opportunity, a child lover could easily become a child molester. With this in mind, I do not trust my children with anyone. I have learned that anyone could be a pedophile - my next door neighbor, one of the moms in my mom's club, or a teen-aged babysitter.

It seems like the pedophiles are very good at quoting facts and statistics to support their cause. They offer these key pieces of evidence and then demand some from me in rebuttal. I began to obsess about how I could present my side in a factual manner. I thought about the argument so much that I couldn't sleep at night. I've decided that the only thing I can say is that pedophilia is wrong because it's wrong. Just like slavery is wrong or killing people is wrong. It is inherently wrong.

I'm not saying this because I'm jealous of younger girls. I'm a happily married woman who has the constant attention and devotion of my husband. I am not saying this because I want to repress children. I realize that children are curious and that at some point they will want to know about sex. That being said, I do think they should be educated but that does not mean I think they should be allowed to have sex.

I do not condone pedophilia but that does not mean that I hate pedophiles. I do not think that pedophiles should be hunted down and killed. I do think that they need to seek professional help. Many of the pedophiles who commented here said that they were born this way. If that is the case, then I don't know if they can ever be "cured" of pedophilia but with help, maybe they can keep from crossing the line between CL and child molester.